CompositionC 1.png


"C Is The Composition"
-Activator Magazine 2019


CompositionC is a born and raised Springfield, IL native.
A loving father, a gaming nerd, an entrepreneur, and a thinker. It may come as a surprise that the high-energy, Hawaiian-shirt wearing artist reveals a darker past, twisted thoughts, and intense emotions in his music. 

Blending his own musical inspirations and stories into hip-hop; CompositionC continues to bring his visions to life visually, instrumentally, and vocally on a variety of genres ranging from folk/country and orchestral all the way to electronica and rap.

A self taught producer with 14+ years experience,
a graphic artist, a songwriter, a play-by-ear pianist, and a performer, CompositionC continues to create a unique musical experience every project from beginning to ending with unorthodox flo and delivery and a plethora of stories and vocabulary.